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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Blouse and Skirt

Sometimes I feel really stupid about taking work seriously in the Caribbean. I read blogs by people who come to Dominica and want to go into Zion and smoke some herbs and think I should be writing about that to.

But its kinda mixed up to explain. The guy who grows up in a concrete jungle gets tired of it. The man who grows up in Zion, gets tired of being in the middle of it too. Well, not tired. Dont know how to explain.

When you get past the fact that the country is beautiful and fresh food and water are plentiful and that the pace is 'yeah mon", you still have to make a living. And if you are ambitious and still dont want to be slap bang in some cubicle hell in the US or Europe, or even in some open plan designer nirvana dreaming of that fettucini lunch the company is goin to pay for, then you could be screwed.

Anyway, Dominica is one of the poorest countries in the Caribbean, but it still has its pluses. Jamaica and Trinidad have way too much crime, trying their best impression of 'I am first world', and Barbados feels strange. I could do a one liner assessment of the rest of the Caribbean but in short, Dominica is sweet. But its not supposed to be an entrepeneurs starting post so why am I here ?

Answer is I love the island. But I cant settle for Zion and planting corn and tomatoes. I can get them for free though. Anyway, like I always wonder how English people dont go nuts having to travel underground in a train without speaking to a soul, I am sure people must wonder how anyone can get better off than just middling.

After all that I will tell you what its really like to try to get fresh meat or fish on a Wed for our weekly boys night lime (a lime is a get together). next post.

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