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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Boys Nite

Well in between waiting for a great idea for a name for a new plastic surgery brand I can as well tell you about Boys Nite.

For the last three years a group of us get together every wed night for something we call boys nite. No women are allowed because women complicate male - male communication. thats a legitimate reason btw.

Boys nite rotates between about four - five houses, usually starts at 9:30pm and the host is supposed to have drinks and food ready. By food, we dont mean sandwiches. It has to be a full meal, cooked by the guy who is hosting. We all drink alcohol, and a boys nite session is usually hell on anyones alcohol. The guys will drink whatever is left.

The main people are Daryl, a car dealer, Geoffrey , Cliffy and Ali who are all work colleagues of mine, Billy, who is actually an international cricket umpire (look it up if you dont understand), Cleve, who is an engineer and night club owner, Ashton who is a TV cameraman, and David, who is an IT repairman and car detailer.

The talk is usually part psychiatrist, part sex therapy, part old talk and politics on island. But its like a club with invisible rules.

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