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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cyah work

Every morning I see groups of women walking and running getting fit. Meanwhile Caribbean man drinks and eats to his heart content. Usually what happens is Caribbean women outlive us, while we seem to have more fun. Maybe we are playing to the stereotype of Caribbean woman keeping things going while Caribbean man just has a ball.

Look at Carnival. You couldnt get a more one sided picture. Women working hard for months to get their figures into shape. Men, couldnt care less because around that time, any slob in a costume, or even without, can get a sexy looking woman to rub up on him.

Actually, thinking about it, its year round.

The real thing though is that Caribbean man starts looking real bad when he gets to 50 plus. All kinda problems when stud man turns into dud man. Meanwhile Caribbean woman keeps on trucking.

Now lemme go get some bakes and codfish.


Anonymous said...

" Women working hard for months to get their figures into shape.' -????? wtf????

caribbean women just love their bodies just the way they are, have been and always be

Kenny Green said...

go out at 4am in the morning and take note. noone walks at that time to be content.

Anonymous said...

it's different. sure some do work out and self indulge with outfits and jewelry, but in any god damn case, she d be sure she's outstanding, even if havin none of it

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I was looking for a text about Caribbean stereotypes for my students and your text is perfect! Thank you :-)

I hope you don't mind me using it -
Sincerely, Elisabeth Kjelstrup, Norway