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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Look joke

I cant help find it funny that the Cricket World Cup might be 'pulled' from the Caribbean and given to the backup ICC country, South Africa.

Unlike many West Indians I dont look forward to the World Cup here. Dominica is lucky that it didnt get any games. The exposure of our country to the microscope of the world would reveal some very nasty bugs.

But thats not the real issue. Most big sporting events are excuses for bobol and exploitation and eventual disaster. Hosting any WC is like having a house party for someone else at your home, who pays you to get the place ready, and then proceeds to tear it up and leave you to clean up.

The Caribbean needs to improve for itself, not to host some event where the real beneficiaries are already some of the best off people in the region.

And that ultimately is my biggest beef. The social and economic problems the region face are not going to be helped at all. This is going to be another case of help yourself.

So help yourselves to South Africa ICC. I really hope so. And for West Indians who might be embarassed if we dont host the World Cup ? Think of the economic repercussions of all the white elephants if we do host it. Unless of course you just want your aunty in the UK or US to see how nice your country looks on tv after they edit all the other stuff.


Ian said...

To build on your metaphor, sometimes the person in charge of the house only cleans the house when visitors are coming.

And a house that never hosts anyone is no fun to live in.

South Africa is preparing for the soccer World Cup, and there's a whole new focus on things like crime, as it may affect tourists (who cares about locals) which have basically been ignored until now.

Sure, there will be white elephants, but overall I believe the experience will be positive.

The Rugby World Cup, which came in 1995, shortly after liberation, was a fantastically uniting experience I am happy to have lived through (and not only because South Africa won!).

So don't only look at the downsides!

Kenny Green said...

Hi ian,

Positive comments. I have been to both the football WC in france and the cricket wc 99 in England in 99. I get what you say. God know the Caribbean needs the revenue and the upsurge in interest and in unity.

So I get you.

My fear is at the end of this exercise, the rich will be richer, the poor more angry and the politicians entrenched.

Caribbean society is at a crossroads and I can tell you the leadup to this WC is what has me looking closely. The bidding process has been all over the place, the actual dissemintation of information to the common man is non existent (most Caribbean people dont even know what sunset legislation is, the tickets status etc).

But, you are right. balance needed.