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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Everytime peeps from overseas come here for a festival or carnival, they start to talk about their plans to come back home to live and work in the great nature isle etc. All the bbq smoke, the sweet looking women in tight jeans and the constant partying goes to their brain.

When I studied in London there was a group of mostly older law students who we limed around, mainly at London U (anyone ever go to a ISH jam in Baker St ? ) . Most of them returned to the Caribbean.

Lisa AGard is now VP of legal at TSTT, Mia Mottley is Deputy PM of barbados, Allison Demas is head of the Copyright oRg of Trinidad of Tobago, Lisa Adrien is fine fine fine...:-), Petrus 'Papo' compton used to be AG in St Lucia but now is a minister with a new portfolio, Gregory Georges is now CFO of West Indies Oil for Antigua and Dominica, Arden Warner is in Tortola somewhere practising law.

Of those Gregory georges is Dominican and he lives in Antigua. I didnt know any Dominicans of my generation who went to University outside of the Caribbean and returned. Denise Robinson lives in Bim and Eustace 'Boogy' Fontaine is more English than plenty Englishmen.

Thing is, other Caribbean islands have a wider depth of jobs available for trained professionals and unless you have some maverick entrepeneur in you or are very very determined, Dominica can be scary. The country has potential but many people want to build their lives and families on reality. And when you are done studying you are usually broke and needing to make money.

A padna of mine has been looking to come back for the last ten years. The better the food he eats when he is here, the more concrete his plans get. Carnival is his next stop. Should be fun.

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