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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Tip

Ok we reverse launched a product called The Tip. Its a weekly publication in Dominica, free. Effectively a free paper. We have alot of stuff in there, mainly listings, tv guide, coupons etc. The effect will be interesting.

We know the papers locally are going to scream. We are doing a press conference tomorrow to launch even though the actual first distribution happened on Wed.

We wanted the product in the market so the consumers could understand where it was coming from and also not be in the dark about its qualities.

Its actually a nice product and though its not under pressure, it will face the usual small country challenges.
So thats what we have been lookin at over the last few days.


Anonymous said...

so, how did it go, ho did it go?)

Kenny Green said...

It went great.All copies gone, alot of buzz about the content and the fact that its free. We have a great jingle on radio, banners, and our bins go in next week. First Wed we had near 20 people with branded tshirts handing out tips all over the country.

been on radio twice this week on different radio shows and today we did a press conference with radio and tv in attendance.

now is the grunt work.