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Friday, October 27, 2006


Really am. I am off to Trinidad to the COTT Music awards on Thursday. mainly to press the flesh. The other company I am involved with, PixnPhones, pretty much started the mobile content supply business in the Caribbean. We work closely with the music societies regionally to pay them royalties. COTT now has an affiliate relationship with ASCAP which makes it easier to get access to R&B and Hip Hop content.

The Caribbean music business is chaos. The main distributor in Trinidad, Earl Crosby, basically said its no use stocking new CD's for sale. Piracy eats up coin.

We have started trying to move some of the artists digital but its tough because the rights assignment is something most composers even are not used to. And there is no recording rights association for artists in the Caribbean.

So we deal with CCL on one front, The record labels on another, and the content aggregators on another hand.

In Dominica, we are looking at WCk closely. Just finished looking at their latest album which is very promising. But the band does not have a manager and that is a priority as it can be potential chaos if they dont get someone professional.

We are hoping that we can convince the Trini market to organise itself as they are capable of leadership. if we can get a recording artists association then PnP can acquire master rights in bulk rather than dealing with all the artists and their managers individually. The societies are with us on this, but it still needs to be negotiated.

If all this is confusing, dont worry, it just gets me tired.


Georgia Popplewell/Caribbean Free Radio said...

Hi Kenny:

Ryan Naraine told me your blog, which I've since linked on Global Voices.

I'm very interested in what you're saying in this post. Do you think you might have time while you're in Trinidad to do a short interview for my podcast?

If so, please drop me a line at caribbeanfreeradio[at]gmail[dot]com.


Kenny Green said...

Hi there,

will drop you a line. thanks for the comments.