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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Culture is all we have

Its that time of the year again. Independence.

from what I wonder.

I can tell you that our base culture, a combination of everything under the sun from African to European to Carib, is stronger than anything I see in the Caribbean. And its not about music only or painting. Its about a lifestyle thats just natural. Its actually beautiful to witness.

maybe its lack of development which does that. The minute you have more hotels, more fast food chains, more nightclubs, everything becomes less natural, less discovered. and more expensive.

I rarely fly the flag. politicians and vagabonds are usually the first people to declare their love for their country, usually while they try to screw you. the rest of us, well it happens through our actions, and not through our words. the ordinary man who supports everyone through his daily work is more of a patriot than a politician who will actively serve to treat his cronies better than others.

anyway, Dominica has some major questions to ask itself about independence. Most of our income was from a protected relationship with Europe which we scream to regain, brokered by England. Our current dependence is on Cuba, China and venezuela. Our macro economy is being run by the IMF and World Bank. And our major export is people.

There is little or no independence in all of this. Just signs of continued inferiority complex.

Our real independence is reflected in the strength of our culture. The minute we lose that, the country is lost totally. It defines us as different. It defines us unique and powerful.

Viva Dominican culture. Its our real independence.

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Billy said...

strong words.