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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Business as usual

I will develop this thought sequence again and again.

Initially i toyed with the Cable & Wireless vs Digicel example but lets make it more general. Is there any chance that the Caribbean will develop while personal interests and patronage is more important than doing things right ? Not on occasion. But 'everytime'.

Forget the fact that all corporates are there to make money and dont really care about the average person. Thats a given worldwide. In fact dig deep and the life of making a buck is selfish fullstop. Sell the cancerous soft drink to the little old lady or increase your night deposit....bzzzt, old lady loses out again.

But the personal thing hovers over Caribbean development. Yes we smile at each other alot, but the routine backstabbing in business life in the islands gives a clue as to why the Governments polarise the people so easily during elections.

Plenty Caribbean people have beef to settle.

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