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Sunday, November 26, 2006


I look at how Dominica is governed and I have to shake my head. Dont get me wrong. The job isnt sexy. The country has irrational demands for itself considering where we fit into the world scheme of things.

But Caribbean people do not seem to be progressing in the ways we make our decisions.

The government in Dominica esp needs help. No matter what your political persuasion its difficult to see a good end to the current story. An easy way to define things is to observe what would happen if the government were to collapse and the individual players had to 'survive' of their own means. Unfortunately many of them would have to leave the country. You dont have to dig deep to be worried when your government is struggling for credible professionals.

But that in itself is not even the big deal. The PM is a driven person. That can go over any academics and professional experience. The big deal is the dumbing down of institutions and processes. Sometimes you can be so obssessed with holding sway you dont recognise that the whole structure may be crumbling around you.

But again, maybe we like it so.


pinnea said...

hmm.. i'm out of politics, beyond. can't talk about it in "wise words". but i could probably explain my position and thus comment the situation.
can you name any other country/time where/when you think the situation is/was different?.. yes, autocrat governors could be an exception. but i know no nation who would agree in good will to become that exceptional.
hmm, probably half-totalitarianism would work. how do they call it?.. ))

Anonymous said...

KG please read my reply to dem preachers and let me know what u think ok friend? blog about it if you like.

elena said...

maybe we like it so