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Sunday, November 05, 2006

The God Squad

Dominicans are religious. Not in the stop enjoying life kind of way of course. 'God' knows promiscuity is at an alltime high in our psuedo Catholic, Evengelist culture. Everyone and their pastor is doing it. The rest of the Caribbean is no different. As the reggae tune goes, "sitting in the church on sunday, planning who you gonna screw on monday".

the politicians play to it all the time. from elections to troubled times they go straight for the God button and it works. I am in a strange place with all of this. Believing in God is pretty uncomplicated. Its like a club. Noone asks questions once they know you are part of it. But I dont really. The french philospher Blaise Pascal was right when he spoke about believing in God as a nobrainer. If you are wrong you'd at least have lived a good life. But if you dont and you are wrong, hellfire aint a nice thought.

I'll risk it. I believe in something but I havent placed it yet. in the meantime I gain comfort from the fact that those that believe are sinning so much more than me that one day the rules must get bent to allow even the heretics in.


Anonymous said...

So true.

Mad Bull said...

You willing to bank on that?

KG said...

noone can bank on it. thats the ultimate argument. Lets face it, it takes real courage to not believe. The alternative is much simpler and soothing to the mind.