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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Thats a term thats both a reference to a homosexual man or someone minding your biz. I havent got any thoughts on our non existent non active religious gay community so lemme get to the peeps who peeping.

Small country, not much going on, rumours abound where knowledge is absent. When I first moved to the Caribbean one person had a good story that i'd divorced, sold all my belongings and just about afforded to buy my vehicle and return to the Caribbean. I actually met him just as he was asking a mutual friend who was the lady that drove my car :-). Of course, seeing that I was a confirmed divorcee he took the fact that it was my wife a bit hard.

Anyway, the probem with a country of so much rumours is that some of them are very true. And that makes the whole Macoing scene very tricky. You cant exactly throw them all out of the window, so you have to listen to them, no matter how ridiculous.

So the merry go round of rumours keep on going.

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