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Friday, November 24, 2006

No respect

Advertising in the Caribbean is filled with seriousness, cliches and information.

In fact in reviewing the market not one advertiser in the Caribbean uses humour.
The idea is sell product and sell it directly and it is purely client driven. The issue is that the more literate markets, like Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados refuse to lead the way. And the smaller markets are even more focussed on the
campaigns which attack the wallet from start to finish.

Buy me, Discount, Promotion, Free. Sale. Those are the paradigms of this region and especially in places like Dominica.

Whats worse is the institutional adverts dispensed from larger affiliate marketers and agencies worldwide take a lead that it works. Well in the absence of a new way it seems to work, but noone can tell you because market research is like a dark art in the region.

Caribbean people in the region are like any first world market basing their purchases and brand perceptions on emotion, instinct and yes, things like price sensitivity and reliability.

And if they are calculating in their decision making, why arent we more creative and demanding with our clients that advertising even in small, poorer markets needs to talk to dreams and desires rather than a constant direct demand to buy product or a service.

After all take that same Caribbean person and put them in Europe or the US and they suddenly become a 'consumer'.


Inna said...

advertising with humour comes closer to public relations.. i would put the question, do we need public relations here, in this situation, in this respect?
it's not a statement in any way, just a guess.

Mighty Afroditee said...

Hmmm...had never considered this before, especially the use of promotions that do swamp the market, especially from the telecom industry. I don't engage them anymore, because I think that they are lame...