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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The tourist

I feel sorry for the poor tourist when they get here. today I watched as a man and his wife, lobster red from the sun, walked their way through a minefield of vagrants, would be tour guides and merchandise sellers to walk about 100 yards.

Of course no doubt they must have pitied me too, in a reverse form of I feel sorry for that local guy who has to go through this shit everyday.

I worked and lived in the US once. Lived in the Old Colonial Inn in Concord, Massachusetts for about 6 months. Very nice old world type living and just 10 minutes drive from where I worked in Maynard.

it was nice. I was treated like some kind of exotic bird that was nesting for a finite period. The suite which I had courtesy of good ole Breakaway in those days, was not cheap and that kind of couched the behavior to me. But a tourist I always was and I never really got to see the real face of the people except for one evening when I stayed at the bar and talked with all the staff after the 'guests' were gone. Then the smiles turned practical and you heard the real stories about how stupid it was to pay 18 bucks for a clam chowder or why people couldnt shower without getting the whole bathroom wet.

And you realise, so thats what its like.


Abeni said...

Nice easy reading so far.I quite like it

Jdid said...

i hear that! I stayed in a hotel for 6 months once myself. Best way to find out what local life was was to talk to the cleaning staff. heard some pretty sad stories actually

Stunner said...

Came here via Abeni. I can bet the hotel staff has a lot of stories to tell.

eemanee said...

welcome to the blogosphere!