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Saturday, December 30, 2006

The more things change...

The Private sector umbrella organisation in Dominica invited us to join. The DAIC has admirable goals like any chamber of commerce. However, when we join we will do so with a level of objection as to the way the DAIC is doing things. At present the DAIC has taken over the management of a now absentee company, called Visions and Concepts which managed a portfolio of benches and bus shelters for advertising.

The DAIC, yes, the umbrella organisation for private sector companies, is deriving revenue from selling ad space. FreeStyle Inc, FSI Creative, one of the companies in which I am a director, is the primary ad agency on island and Visions and Concepts used to be our competition for OOH.

One of the members of the DAIC board, who owns a printing business is also managing the V&C account from within the DAIC. Of course he must get something from it. Lots of printing for benches to be done if it works ok. The DAIC takes a commission and the business sector just motors along.

There is something seriously rotten about that kind of thing.

In most countries the private sector organisations raise funds from memberships and from events (dinners, speeches, hosted tradeshows) etc. In Dominica, the DAIC is also functioning as a revenue earner through competitive venture. Why would FSI join and then be faced with competition from its own umbrella body ?

They need to cut V&C loose to be bought or to die by an entrepeneur. In the meantime we will continue to see these organisations as a talking shop for buddies.

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