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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Eco Friendly Oil refinery

Great news ! Dominica is about to have the worlds first eco friendly oil refinery. The details are not clear but then again they dont need to be. You see we had elections two years ago and we are a democracy so we will just have to trust Skerro and crew on this one. The most eco friendly fact is that it will bring 300 jobs. Take that you environmentalists!

The venezuelans are of course managing the facility and paying for it, and by a happy coincidence they are also doing the Environmental Impact Assessment. Early reports indicate that they foresee no problems whatsoever. Arent we lucky to have such nice friends.

I wonder when we will officially hand over Bird Island and persuade the rest of the OECS to abandon this silly struggle against venezuela for our waters (ts really theirs). Maybe after our green oil refinery is done ?

Cynicism lives.


elena said...

two years ago
un fucking believable :-0

Steve said...

RIP, Nature Island.