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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Things you notice

I have been reading the old fan the flame articles from tim hector (who died some years ago) and though I dont believe in his political ideology in the main what Hector has said is very very poignant.

The Caribbean hasnt actually developed if you look very deep. There are no culprits. Only victims. The politicians are limited in intellect and morality, the old money is limited since they did not become rich through excellence but because of everyone elses mediocrity and now, the average person in the street would rather give a pint of their own blood than to see one of their own transcend it all. So in the end, plenty happens, but nothing is happening.

I now get a better understanding of why VS Naipaul was so caustic about the Caribbean being someone who saw it first hand himself.

Ignorance cannot be bliss. Its just less tiring.

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billy said...

poignant thoughts my friend.