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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Just a lil bit more

I am no 'development' groupie. But so many of the back to earthers miss the point. A decent road network isnt much. A decent housing infrastructure islandwide isnt much either. We have the odd combination of shitty infrastructure and government officials driving round in first world limos and cars, for achieving nowt.

I look at Dominica not through the eyes of someone tired of 'big' countries. I look at it as a country trying to retain its citizens. And the state of the country doesnt inspire patriotism. It promotes flight.


Jennifer Miller said...

There does seem to be a lack of "first things first" thinking. Doing proper road repairs that last beyond 2 weeks would be a major first step!

KG said...

Thanks for linking me in. I will return the favour :-)

It goes beyond repairs. Its goes into a callous disregard for people.

Next time you travel abroad, watch the country closely from the aiport drive into Roseau and see how dilapidated he country looks. Take away the beauty of what we inherited from nature and there isnt much.

pinnea said...

i love dominica, whatever times i have here. but within the topic of this blog, i love it for "the beauty of what we inherited from nature". i understand that nowadays this is not all that a human needs to satisfy himself, but.. i'm afraid that "civilization" and technical development will kill the virgin beauty and, what I consider crucial, it might affect irreversibly the people's minds...