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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Been watching the hype on the Iphone online. As a creative agency we have a fair share of Macs and I have an IMac G5 at home. I also have my fair share of toys like a Sony PSP, etc.

I like tech toys and cars like every brainwashed boy child. When I lived in the UK I used to part exchange my car every other year (its just a car, people). However to do the same in the Caribbean seems strange.

Maybe I am not describing it properly but the idea is that this is a different world, yet it isnt. As our social networks break down who wants to be stuck at home with a shitty Internet connection which never gives the bandwidth you pay for (and overpriced) and a budget phone. Well thats what the majority of people in our region are left with.

It used to be fun to observe that we didnt need those gadgets and the new model cars and other superficial things, because well...we had the Caribbean, we knew what real life and fun was about. Now ? With a society which is starting to do all the same things that drive the first worlders indoors I am not so sure. Well...when you think of it.

Anyway, Apple made a mistake imo. At&t ? Thats like giving a souped up athlete some clogs to run in.

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billy said...

the iphone is almost the best tech out there but that thing with at&t is ludicrous. however hackers and tweakers are really messing with it. chx out #iphone on irc. they got some good vibes there.