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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bid Closed

Dominica like many ACP countries is a beneficiary of EU funding. Its also the beneficiary of EU sponsored corruption. I say corruption because any system which is run by the criteria of lowest price is open to corruption in small Caribbean countries where everyone has a friend on the inside. The state of EU projects is a reflection of the selection process.

The creative agency I am part of is no longer bidding for any EU jobs. The problem with these bids is that the competent is often used as a stalking horse for incompetent people to be leaked your info, and then to simply underprice your offering. This is not some vacuous accusation. It happens. And the basic fact is we dont pitch in the open market based on price so its pointless. The last bid process had them stipulating a press sheet size larger than any press available in the Caribbean. Luckily we corrected them since the only tendering parties were all Caribbean presses :-)

One real ironic situation was that our national investment body, the now defunct NDC fought hard to make ACP countries ineligible for the rebranding of the Dominican identity (meaning FSI and no Caribbean agency could partake). Defy the Everyday from US agency GreenTeam (who actually were second in the bidding process, but won through because of pricing issues), was the result. Can you imagine that. The actual creative signature is here Dominica HomePage.

As the London Olympics proved, winning the bid isnt the hard part. Producing is. Whilst we wont pass comment on Dominica's rebrand, the Olympics logo for 2012 (as close to the swastika as you can get) is horrible, especially considering it cost 800k GBP to produce.


Anonymous said...

They are the only international funding agency that I know who uses lowest price to procure services and goods. Price is important but it should almost never be the most important requirement after basic requirements are met.

Imagine experience in similar work gets trumped by lowest price no matter the difference? That is some real crazy nonsense.

Anonymous said...

But the rebranding wasn't even an EU project!

Besides, EU projects are not lowest price, they are based on the 'most economically advantageous tender (MEAT)' ;)