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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

of Dogs and Black men

I have been looking at the Michael Vick saga in the US. I have two giant breed Caucasian Ovcharka dogs which I love of course. Vick was foolish and dog fighting is cruel. Even in lil Dominica we have dog fighting and even local police officers know about it as well. However the Caribbean mentality to animal cruelty is skewed as far in one direction as the US supposedly is in the other.

However, the destruction of Vicks career and the media attention it has gained is an eye opener. Over the last few weeks we have seen Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan stopped and charged on DUI, and of course Lohan was also in possession of cocaine. needless to say, DUI is serious given the amount of alcohol related accidents there are in the US. The cocaine possession is again big. No doubt a black man with cocaine AND DUI is looking at little options but jail. For those two stars the media attention is more about airtime than jailtime.

What the Michael Vick case has done is to show the rest of the world where black people lie in the pecking order of things in the US. Whether you are an animal rights fan or not, you must admit it is strange for other high profile people to walk away from these cases whilst Vick 'burns'. And Vick, as an extremely rich young black man, has means way beyond most avarege people. Well, and the liability of being dotish.

The rodeo business in the US is big business but it is nothing other than sanctioned cruelty. However the participants are mainly white and so is the hooting and hollering audience. No problemo then.

It took a set of cruelly treated dogs to remind the rest of the world what a hypocritical society AMerica is, but then again thats how it goes.


Tom said...

I think you underestimate the animal (Pets) lovers in the US. Lohan or Hilton would have to hide if they did what Mr. Vick did.

Vick is guilty of extreme stupidity. People here expect celebrities to do drugs and be outrageous. They will not tolerate cruelty to "Mans best friend".

KG said...


A good point but flip the switch and put Michael Vick in a car with cocaine and driving under DUI and you will understand exactly what I mean. Vicks status will not help him with the law then. Especially under media scrutiny.

With regards to Vick, he is not only stupid, he like so many black American sportsmen has been catapulted into a world which would reject them if they couldnt play sports.

Anonymous said...

what i think All Americans under estimate is the strong dislike for rich black and thuglike (or those who don't toe the lines in appearance and manner) black men!

Anonymous said...

One thing I have learned about America is that it is all about appearances of a thing not its true nature, be it: equality; democracy; righteousness etc., but appearances are not action and that is part of the problem in America...people lap up words without comprehending actions speak louder!

For a while I lived in the heart of Midtown New York (Sutton Place) to be exact, my building was right next door to that of the then Sec. Gen Koffi Annan.

My building was populated by Lawyers, Doctors, Business Execs etc. Oh did I mention we were just about the only Black Folks in the building (though apparently in his heyday Mike Tyson apparently stayed there).

Anyway lemme get to the point; one day I got into an elevator in which were a couple with their young daughter (about 7 years). Anyway soon after I got in the little girl said words to the effect "Mummy is he a thief too?"

I was shocked! I could very well imagine what they were saying about black people behind closed doors. Now this is nothing new to me...since I was 8yrs old I have been to elite English boarding schools and quite often I was the only black kid! (went to school in England)

Anyway quite often I was confronted with the refrain "Oh, don't worry you're different, you are one of us" this said as derogatory remarks were being casually thrown around about black people!

Thank god my old man had sense enough to send me back to Africa to finish my education.

Interestingly enough though, another time when I was in New York partying, this short obnoxious stockbroker and I were chasing the same girl (and no I couldn't compete financially)and when he saw he was losing the race we got to talking and someway along the line that ugly refrain popped up again..."Oh, you're're not like them" said with disgust and repugnance!

The "them" referred to African Americans...guess my English accent paid off huh? Anyway I got the girl but alas I have never been good at decisive retorts especially when booze is swilling around in my head otherwise I would have unleashed the mother-of-all retorts on that short obnoxious white racist!

That said I have tons of cosmopolitan friends, white, black, brown or otherwise and have absolutely nothing against inter-racial marriage or relationships because there are plenty of good people out there who truly believe in race equality.

But make no mistake taken as a whole the US is not a country of racial equality, far too many people still harbor the believe white is superior ( you can see it in their actions) they just go around kidding themselves by preaching that which they don't practice...equality!

The lack of equality is self-evident in the laws and implementation of justice! Remember the Rockefeller Laws?

Make no mistake, for the average black person in America the colour of their skin means being a 2nd class amount of words to the contrary can refute this stark reality!

Oh and by the way I do believe OJ did it but he got away for the sole reason that justice was not properly pursued because the trial had devolved into Black versus White!