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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

So it is

"So it is" is a way Caribbean people describe something which happens which shouldnt happen, but just does. In many ways it reflects a sense of powerlessness.

I travel around the region often and "So it is" happens alot. The main reason it does is because people generally have little confidence in themselves or in the way of the 'right'. Quite simply that they have seen the way of the wrong dominate and even prosper. In small Dominica, many of the current land owners literally stole their land from other people.The ironic thing is that people will clearly make the link to crookery and consider that a normality.

What we then have is a personality contest which judges not the morality of acts committed but of who did. 'So it is'.


pinnea said...

Hi, Kenny!
Reading you all the time. Keep writing.
Pinnea (polina)

billy said...

i hate "so it is". suggests helplessness. i mean your fate is in your hands you know. you can definitely change your condition. anyways is how I feel.

KG said...


I hate it to. but I would guess that our view is based on the fact that we KNOW we can change things. most Caribbean people dont know that.

thanks for your feedback as usual.

TropicallyTied said...
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TropicallyTied said...

My 97 year great Aunt says a similar thing. She says "What to do?" as she holds her hands up and shrugs her shoulders. But she has the years of wisdom to say this for the things she knows she cannot change.
When someone dies, "What to do?"
When she has to rest after weeding the garden too long, "What to do?"
I find we rant and rave about the injustices and unfairness of one thing and another but we feel powerless to act. We still seem set on blaming other people for things. Take the high cost of electricity, I really got the impression that this was an issue for nearly ever person on the island and that soon the whole country would take to the streets