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Friday, November 16, 2007


What a joke this CSME thing is.

I watch with slight amusement as the traditional influences flow in one direction. What am I doing to change it ? Well I am trying. In our quest to regularise Outdoor Advertising across the region we have been tackling a range of people to get Outdoor ordinance setup from island to island.

In one country the meetings were going fine until I revealed I was from another island. Then it became a difficulty, and the sighs got deeper and the questions got more probing.

The deep complexes Caribbean people still have cannot be buried under Caribbean unity.


pinnea said...

What is that Outdoor Ordinance you are talking about?..
P.S. Sorry, I'm in another reality now ))

billy said...

the caribbean is not really united. i mean even in dominica we are so caught up in what village we hail from much less a different island.