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Monday, November 26, 2007

Feed me

I eat alot like most Dominicans. I dont eat crap, well black pudding and smoked snout (I have to tackle the pig thing sometime as a separate topic). I try hard to not eat imported chicken. The local butcher always complains that it doesnt matter because our local chickens are being fed on the same imported feed, but they still taste better. Ironic but true that free range chicken is rare here. Once you start to sell to make a buck you fall into the same cycle.

I dont buy any imported beef, very little pork, of course local fish only. I dont eat fastfood, unless fish from All Nations counts. I do get local rabbit (sorry Bugs).

The thing is Dominica has alot going for it but we import so much shit it isnt funny. And the other thing is that the price gouging is getting on my nerves. If I never set foot into a supermarket again I'd be a happy man.

My personal project is to setup around 4 acres of land for livestock and farming for a backup barter system and to get myself into a positive routine that isnt based around money like everything else I do. My only problem is that like everything else I do it will have to be micro managed. I know I will enjoy it. So I am goin to do it. And soon.


billy said...

you should. the import bill is ridiculous.
supermarkets prices are ridiculous.

KG said...

If we go back to a barter system we can do better.

pinnea said...

.. yes, and a real nice garden with all the variety of local fruits and vegetables... )))

Billy said...

barter sounds good. tomatoes for cabbages. eggs for fish. you can't go wrong. :)

titilayo said...

When I was in Dominica a couple of years ago, I was amazed at how cheap food was compared to here at home. But "here at home" is Barbados, so take that for what it's worth.

The new Prime Minister here recently announced that we are going to try to import more food (probably fruit and veggies especially) from Dominica so as to reduce our food import bill and our food prices. Has there been any mention of that out your side?