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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fragile World

More and more people are starting to see the value of coming to an island like Dominica. The main reason is the lack of government interference in their life. Like it or not, in Dominica you could literally create your own domain, your own Kingdom. Especially if you have an independent income. Govt monitoring of the individual in places like the US and UK is at an utmost high. Big Brother lives. The violence levels in much of the developed world make you cringe and it gets worse as people get disconnected from the people around them. Dont know you, dont care about you.

We have water but our rivers are drying up faster than we are willing to admit (some rivers are literally gone and thats just in my lifetime), especially when you consider our rate of industrial develoipment is close to nil. In other words you can understand why a Trinidad and Barbados have depleted natural resources. Dominica ? Shouldnt happen. And if it does, then there is no reason to live here unless we become like everywhere else, and then there really will be no reason to live here.

I think I just made a case for protecting our environment.

I dont think unemployment, potholes and rampant cronyism should be a byproduct though.

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pinnea said...

to keep the island alive and above that within its identity, it may become a lifetime task even for a very strong extraordinary personality... more people on the island should start thinking about their place that way