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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Hour

Elections are coming in 2010 and we are approaching happy Hour. Its that time when politicians realise they need to start doing things, no matter how rushed and superficial to identify themselves as being productive and to have something to speak about on the platform.

The rep in the area I am from is now on a drive to create new drains / roads running through the area he is running in. Politicians in Dominica dont think much of the electorate and it may be that they are right. After all if your vote can be bought for a handout of plywood and fixing a road and a scholarship why should you inhabit a place of honor in the heads of those who are giving.

Not to mention the contractor is the father of a public official (conflict of interest is a foreign language here) and the last job he did, which was doing the sidewalks of Roseau was even more of a mess and explained away No problem . And I challenge anyone who has been to Roseau to say otherwise. But thats just how it is.

I grew up with these guys, and even went to school with many of them. In political parlance, its their time. Hence anything is possible. Meanwhile the population says and does nothing because everyone is tied into this game of 'dont vex the man at the head table'. What a world.

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Billy said...

indeed what a world.