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Monday, November 19, 2007

Virtual is Real

I have a friend. His nick is Southie. I dont know his real name and have never met him. Yet we exchange views all the time on everything from politics to economics, WI Cricket, to all kinds of wutlissness.

Last week my friend Southie found out his son and his sons gf were kidnapped and murdered in Jamaica. In fact he first communicated it on the forum were we all exchange views. Most of us, me included thought it was a joke until he pointed out the headline in the Jamaican newspapers. Another tragic story.

As the story unfolded it became clear that we interface with people all the time virtually and are so easily connected to them. Virtual is real. Sorry for your loss Southie.


billy said...

yea the line or boundary between the real and the virtual have blurred considerably.
and violence is so stupid. but that again tis the reality of our times.

Abeni said...

I feel you on this Kenny..posted similar on my blog