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Friday, February 01, 2008

A sense of power

Its Carnival time and I want to communicate something totally unrelated to the drinking and merriment goin on right now in Dominica.

How does a country with a government who are lost in action, a private sector dominated by a couple wealthy families on a continuous 'me only' agenda, and a population so bludgeoned into servility that they dont understand what is happening, change ?

There is an intellectual crisis in Dominica which could result in a backlash of sorts even for those who are nothing to do with the greed that is going on at present. There is a race and class factor of course but more obvious is that every significant organisation is now compromised either by government cronies or cronies of the private sector bullies.

And imagine having to deal with these bloodsuckers every day. Answers everyone as to what to do. I want to examine the pacifist and the 'possible bankruptcy' options. If you ask questions out of confusion I will answer and bring you up to speed.


Zachawii said...

To bad you have the annoying "get rich fast" schemes coming to the island as well. Barb, you are just a cronie as well, you click on your "site" and it infects your computer. There is no easy money in todays world, unless its illegal. Stay straight and strong Caribbean Man!

TropicallyTied said...

I really identify with your comments. People start off enthusiastically on projects to try and progress things a little and that enthusiasm just gets beaten out of them even by the those who talk all day about what is wrong with this country. Maybe it's because things are just not bad enough yet for change. Even though we complain maybe we are all too "safe" for real change and it's easier just to complain and blame. But I think there are certainly plenty people on this island who think the same as you and who do not have a 'me only' agenda but how do you get them together to start actually doing something to change things without ego's, politics and money getting in the way? For now all we can do is keep going with our little bit, keep fighting for change with actions and hope that others will follow. Even your words on this blog are making a difference.