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Friday, March 21, 2008

A few thoughts

We now have social tourism from venezuela. Poor venezuelans get to come to Dominica to have a holiday via direct flights into the Nature Isle. Might be a way to placate those restless Chavistas about their socialist revolution and get some people to justify the new venezuela to dominica flights. Somehow i am yet to understand the benfit to the actual Dominican but I am sure it will come in a ruling party communique.

And yes....I know...there is no poverty in our new economic powerhouse. After all we just gave 90,000 dollars to Liberia on request from the IMF. Yes the IMF. Remember them ? That evil group of hegemonists as described by that new organisation called Alba which condemns the IMF (hawk...spit). We truly embrace the 'urgency of now' in Dominica.

This leads me to Tony Astaphan, lawyer and political advisor to the ruling party (this sounds better than government and it is actually what it is). Tony gets alot of stick because his family is rich and he is seen as a champagne socialist. Of course Tony is more than ideology. He is also a successful lawyer who works for the Antigua, Kittitian, St lucian, vincentian Labour parties (many of them have since gone from ruling to merely waiting). Tony has obviously worked out that ideology without money makes you something like a walking Cuba (liable to end up dreaming of being exploited just for the freedom of it all). I would say I admire Tony's ability to appear to be a political player. I am more reminded of those slick Mafia lawyers who all the other lawyers hate because they make more money and who still get the best 'other' work. Some could do worse than study his career approach.

Barack Obama and religion. I must say Obamas church / religion thing disturbs me. Black people for generations have been stupefied by religion. I dont believe Barack Obama is, but I do believe that he has studied the reach of religion which is even more dangerous. At times his speeches seem like sermons grabbing at the hearts and minds of the listeners. Makes me think that this guy has managed to make a whole heap of unbelievers at least pay tithe, which is why his fundraising is so successful. Between the three remaining options though I see little home for countries like ours, except that our politicians will get more chances for photo opps.

In Dominica the use of the church to legitimise people who are dirtier than the hell that most people are supposed to avoid, is well...almost religious in execution. The gathering union between church and state in Dominica is a bad bad sign. Unlike the US which has secularity drummed into the lives of its citizens, Dominica has a range of crackpots who would love to have the ability to use Government as a pulpit. Because of the belief system of people here, there is nothing more dangerous than a politician playing the God card. Their level of accountability can be nil and they will still succeed.

Lastly....Its great to be in Dominica. Its green, its sunny, its beautiful and the social tourists havnt started squatting here yet. Viva la Revolucion.

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