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Monday, March 03, 2008

One at a time

So far 2008 has been interesting. Starting a charity / trust foundation has gone well so far. The people contacted have all agreed and we are almost there. Its going to be interesting to see what we can achieve.

Business has been very interesting. Our free publication, The Tip, is moving overseas. It never caught on among the corporate public but it was very popular locally in Dominica with by far the widest circulation. Funny but true :-) Anyway it was a labour of love and at the end of the day love and business are pretty bad mixes. It was an interesting experiment here though and shows how the business community thinks. Note to self: Next time launch it through a 'front', preferably a white American.

Still havent joined the DAIC. Havent seen one single reason why we should. They are the local chamber of commerce.

Started two new ventures. I swear that a masochistic streak runs through me and my colleagues. Its an unusual thing but I personally do not fear failure. In fact you could almost say I live in the eye of the breeze of failure. Its a great rush. I guess its because I have failed and recovered. Maybe in a few years time I'll get tired of this.

Watching this Venezuela thing very closely.


TropicallyTied said...

Very sad that this is the end of "The Tip" in Dominica. What will happen to the orange bins?

KG said...

The bins will go to their new island home too :-). If you look they are all gone already.

Seriously, the good die young, so...poor Tip. We pushed it hard but it was meant to simply keep our presses busy which it did.

The business community simply did not want to buy into it. Moving on.

Billy said...

the tip was great.

pinnea said...

what new ventures if no secret?