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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Catching up

Three posts in One day.

Some random thoughts.

On Comrade Ralph and his Caribbean utterings. Caribbean unity is an elusive thing. The committment level of Caribbean people to Caricom et al is pretty low.

Much of that is driven by business, which has maintained a protectionist stance based on the fact that many mediocre businesses are thriving because of lack of competition. Island by Island there are numerous monopolies who thrived because of coincidence rather than excellence. Were the Caribbean fat cats in each island expansionist in their regional view, Caricom would be a success long time ago. But still everyone is happy in their little fiefdoms.

The other driver is ignorance. The situation in Barbados with Guyanese immigrants is one case in point. Rather than trying to understand and debate publically, the ability of more Barbadians to scale from working class to middle class in a country which CAN support this, the Bajan press has concentrated on demonising Guyanese immigrants, who ironically are coming in because they are willing to do low wage work, which is a natural condition of capital investment driven economies. Foreigners love paying low wages as part of their overall investment package. Therefore the Guyanese become essential.

Why shouldnt there be free movement of Labour and people. WHy shouldnt Dominicans or Antiguans consider going to farm or mine in Guyana and selling precious metals on the global market.

Can you imagine a set of small islands enforcing work permits on countries closer than most cities in the US and Europe.

What gives

And as for the musings on a regional judiciary. The only reason Caribbean people still trust the Privy Council more than its own judiciciary, which of course is a mockery of the whole independence of most of those islands, is this. Caribbean parochialism at every level has convinced all that the same buddy buddy system of governance and business will hold true at the highest level of justice.

The people are not wrong either. However it is time to take the leap or continue to be held in chains by fears.

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billy said...

caribbean unity would so be good. the free movement of peoples is a God given right i think.