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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Reality Check

Standing in Victoria Station straight off a Gatwick Express train I started wondering what was wrong. All around me there were signs of mad panic. People were flying around, melee, confusion.

Luckily it wasnt a bomb scare or an attack by a mad person with a gun.

It was just rush hour. I lived in England for 13 years, most of which I didnt use the underground tubes (trains) for more than 20 minutes. I even used to drive to Birmingham to and from, rather than take the train. I fall into the bracket of wasteful Caribbean man who prefers chilling in his own space. I accept that.

But this rush hour thing really shocked me. We dont rush around like this unless a serious hurricane is coming. These peeps do this every morning just to get to work on time.

Which beggars the thought. If humans are not naturally efficient and time driven then do we all have to implement a mental rush hour to perform ? I dont think so. But obviously some of these people are just highly paid guinea pigs. And they keep on stressing themselves for no reason, just to get to work on time.

As someone who strives hard to be successful, even when i lived in England my contracts over the last 5 years stipulated that I started work at 9. I would budge on salary quicker than I would of my time comfort. Call me lazy but it never affected my standard of living.

Maybe I really needed this reality check to understand why chasing success is often a myth.

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