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Friday, August 08, 2008

Easy does it

I am fasting. Water fasting to be exact.

I am almost through my second day and it has been pretty good. My biggest problem will be tonight and the Friday night orgy of meat eating which I usually put myself through.

Anyway, I am no tree hugger or yoga disciple. I like the idea of the discipline and I am already alot more aware of things around me as I am not working on the next meal syndrome. As human beings we are obssessed with food. When we going to eat, what we going to eat, where we going to eat.

Health wise there is plenty of material out there on water fasting. I intended to do a 4 day fast but I am not sure if I am mentally ready for it. I cant jump back into lifestyle of the meat eating Caribbean man either. Have to take it slow or risk damaging myself from thinking I am on a racecourse for the starving.

Here in the Caribbean meat is everything. Typical Caribbean man considers a vegetarian in the same way car drivers consider bikers, mavericks who we laugh at at particular times. For the motorcycle rider its when its raining. For the meat eater, its any feast where you need a big piece of meat in the middle of the table :-).

I wonder if I will make it through picking up chicken and ribs later.

I will let you all know.


billy said...

way to go. water is always good.

Anonymous said...


I have been reading your blogs, and find your perpective on your country interesting. I am an African-American women born and reared in the US who have been considering expatriating to Dominica for a number of years now. I respect your opinions because you were born in Dominica, but in all respect, I find your approach a bit cynical. I am a true believer in the human spirit. One can find their happiness anywhere, as long as there exisits happiness within.

I have travelled for a while now, and have even lived on a few Islands in the past, and I can relate to how everyone is into your business thing. Even paradise can become a living hell if you let it.

I have decided that I am tired of the rat race of life in the "first world". We live a slave like exisitance for the sake of the dollar, and I have determined that I would rather put up with the "radio neg", and "say say" then be apart of the rat race any longer. Corruption exists everywhere, it only magnified on a Island because it is smaller. You are blessed, be happy. Please your rebutle is welcomed.


KG said...

Hi Nassera,

Thank you for your feedback.

The reality is that we have a massive migration rate from Dominica (and the rest of Caribbean), and much of that is because of the human and very natural need to have an upward path (though the dream is more consistent than a reality)

The people know they cannot find happiness in most cases in the so called first world but they make a choice to suffer that existence rather than stay in Dominica.

Its a choice based on a cold analysis of prospects, especially when most Caribbean people are descendants of slaves and living in societies which are not really meritocracies.

Generations of people see their families go through the same experiences. AT some point one person wants to break the loop rather than accept that materialism is bad, and happiness is 'spiritual' (and yes I am simplifying).

Your ability to appreciate Dominica is increased by the fact that you have suffered a transaction based culture for all your life.

But dont lose sight that people hope and dream for their children to 'succeed' in Paradise too. Even if ironically they are adopting habits which will affect their ability to be truly happy.

I am a cynic because anyone who thinks of the ironies of our existence and the things we do and have happen to us, cannot help being cynical.

It is spontaneity that sustains happiness. Introspection...thats a whole new game.

Thats why people love the Caribbean. And thats why when you sit down and analyse deeper you can become cynical. I am not at the level of VS Naipaul et al...but I can see why they got so.