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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Whisper, whisper

One of the most destructive things in small countries is the power of the whisper.

The funny thing is that it can surround you completely whilst you least recognise it. WHat is the 'whisper'. The whisper is the inability or unwillingness of people to deal with dealing with anything openly, and cloaking it in the mask of disliking confrontation.

I am usually least to know about many things because the whisper usually eludes me. After all if you are unlikely to keep the whisper at a whisper level then you dont exactly fit into the cycle. Much less if the whisper is about you :-)

The thing about it is that it permeates every pore of our society. The employees who have friends who have another friend who doesnt like your boss. The affair that is happening or may not be, even whilst they sit in the midst of their own follies, the corruption that might be happening but is best left alone, the man who is well known as a child abuser etc etc.

I have made a resolve to open all whispers as quickly as I receive them. That way I can satisfy my desire to find out what motivates people to spend their time, in work, out of work literally creeping through life, even as some of them are afflicted with even greater malaise than the people they whisper about.

Be strong. say it out. Do not lose your dignity. And do not ever have the mistaken guidance that it is strength to be double faced. That may work in Machiavellian scenarios, but I dont think the prince would consider that Dominica or any small Caribbean island be the apex of power games.

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