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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Marketing - Really

We are going through a crisis of creativity in Dominica. I blame it on the culture of cheap. You have large companies running full campaigns which look like they have been built by a 5 year old on potty break. The result ? Well...the consumer still buys, and ultimately the result is no work for proper agencies. The hostility to proper marketing and products is based on a perception of what should make money. Lets face it, in any given office if a random question were to be asked as to who thinks they can do marketing, everyone would put their hands up.

Our competition ranges from the lone range freelancer who concentrates on coming below the pricing, to our version of the local chinese, a company which does any and everything and whose owner is now trying to get political influence to backup the weakness of his services.

It used to be something that would make me vexed but I guess it is too much to expect for someone to pay decent prices for something they dont respect. The average bigger company here is acutely aware of who they 'give' money to. Therefore the trick is to make sure you never need them else they will usher you to your demise, whilst smiling and shaking your hand. Its a Caribbean ting. We are not the only people. Piracy of everything is at an alltime high and with the Chinese explosion thats just the start.

Ironically creativity, whether in our environment or in our people, is pretty much all we have. And the beat goes on.