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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Catching Up

On the fast...I made it to three days and then got back on board slowly. Food tastes very strange after you come off a fast. Will try again.

On work. There are changes, much self imposed, and understanding the limits of what can be done. Its amazing how you can miss what is happening around you when you are so deep into your thoughts and plans. And how enlightened I am.

On life. Opportunities come when you slow down and listen and observe.

On the Olympics. Didnt get to see enough. Bolt is a phenomenon but my favourite athlete is Dayron Robles the cuban 110m hurdler. The classiest athlete in T&F.

On football. My team Arsenal are not looking good, early into the season as it is. Not a good time to need them to uplift me. Those guys look like that have a long hard season ahead.

On Mccain vs Obama. I am more worried about George Bush and what he is likely to do in his last days as Americas worst president in living memory. The US financial meltdown is potentially very scary now and whats scarier is that most people in the Caribbean dont even know what 'could' happen in a matter of months. Having a mortgage and loans is not a good thing right now.

On Reunion 2008, and Nice Up. A byword for failure and incompetence. Almost a metaphor on the management of the country for the last 30 years.

On me. Wiser.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Easy does it

I am fasting. Water fasting to be exact.

I am almost through my second day and it has been pretty good. My biggest problem will be tonight and the Friday night orgy of meat eating which I usually put myself through.

Anyway, I am no tree hugger or yoga disciple. I like the idea of the discipline and I am already alot more aware of things around me as I am not working on the next meal syndrome. As human beings we are obssessed with food. When we going to eat, what we going to eat, where we going to eat.

Health wise there is plenty of material out there on water fasting. I intended to do a 4 day fast but I am not sure if I am mentally ready for it. I cant jump back into lifestyle of the meat eating Caribbean man either. Have to take it slow or risk damaging myself from thinking I am on a racecourse for the starving.

Here in the Caribbean meat is everything. Typical Caribbean man considers a vegetarian in the same way car drivers consider bikers, mavericks who we laugh at at particular times. For the motorcycle rider its when its raining. For the meat eater, its any feast where you need a big piece of meat in the middle of the table :-).

I wonder if I will make it through picking up chicken and ribs later.

I will let you all know.