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Saturday, January 24, 2009


A region distrustful of itself.

Trinidadians empowered by resources and feeling proudly first world in their wealth even as they murder and kidnap themselves into third world paranoia. And even when they are poor. Nothing like a man who can declare his country to be on a better path even as he himself struggles to eat.

Bajans who drink caffe lattes and play golf even as they have to serve the traditional masters to earn their daily bread. But all the indices point to an ordered society....except for those damn Guyanese. Nothing like an S&P report which declares you to be a stable nation.

Dominicans who declare independence and strength as they travel to superpowers like Anguilla to be able to have a decent job.

Jamaicans who declare that they belong to a Caribbean that they dont know or never travel to.

My experience of CSME is leaving Dominica having taken a security check and then coming off the plane to have the same check done in Antigua. Distrust.

My experience of CSME is of travelling with my Dominican passport and being asked what I am doing in Barbados, and travelling with my UK passport and being asked where I am staying in Barbados.

My experience of CSME is being asked by a Jamaican if Dominica has cellphones.

The issue of Caribbean ness is of a deeply fractured people. lacking in confidence, suspicious of each other, and desperate to mimic the same people who they wanted to grow up from.

There is a ground of comfort. Those who went to UWI, to Lodge , to the same boarding school, the middle class who see the same goals for themselves in their....we are better than this way, the merchants who share the same skin tone even as they sit in this unhealthy state of belonging only to those they do not really like.

It is why LIAT cannot produce anything of substance. The people dont really like Caribbean people even as they are Caribbean people. It is why the immigration and freedom of movement only worked during World Cup 2007. Because foreigners needed it. Once it became only about Caribbean peiple, it became irrelevant because of course we do not like each other that much.

I am dissapointed because this region has gone from slavery to freedom without actually experiencing freedom.

Abandon this mistaken game and call it failed so we can salvage it.

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Billy said...

yes yes yes. caribbean people are divided. up here in ny they see those so called bigger better islands see the small islands are nothing. yup nothing. go figure about unity.