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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Funny things about where I live

No traffic lights on island. sweet
No cinema. Not sweet.(well maybe not actually)
rivers to dip in after you go to the sea. sweet
no indoor sports courts, bball, football, tennis...anything. Not sweet
fresh fruit, and vegetables. sweet
the most punitive import duties you can find. not sweet

The result is that there is a wonderful opportunity to build a sports arena, a cinema and to spend alot of time driving around island.

Would not like Dominica to end up like Barbados, but, there is a halfway house we can reach.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Island Intellect

The egos of men drive most development. It also leads to their demise. When I moved here I took a risk. Its not a risk quantifiable in dollars. Its far greater than that. Whilst there are real benefits to living in a small tropical paradise it insulates you from so many things in the real world.

Your parameters for growth are limited. Its almost mathematical. The range of people you can meet on an island is extremely limited.

When you then have to interact constantly with someone for example who has never worked anywhere but on an island you face real challenges. It doesnt mean people cannot be briliant or groundbreaking, and it certainly doesnt mean they arent great. But it does mean they can be extremely narrow in their thinking.

Its why I guess the more tangible forces for change anywhere are those who are insecure about their knowledge and are eager to learn. And it also works that those most likely to be agents of stupidity are those who are closeted in their own little enclaves, thinking they have reached the apex and are only interested in functional knowledge that enables them to make money and curry favour or try to manipulate people.

These are the people who are convinced that their risks and their effort are the greatest of all. Put them on an island and you have Napoleon meet Hitler. Give them a few disciples and you have Jim Jones too.

Do you know someone like that second model ? Run from them very fast. You could waste time building them into even bigger beasts than they really are.