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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Keep on praying

Read carefully on why is Haiti poor.

Why is Haiti so poor

I dont profess to know everything about Haiti to the point where i can do summaries without reading or quoting sources, even though I have friends there who have their own accounts of why it is what it is.

It is difficult to assume an enlightened position in the Caribbean when a large majority of the people you interact with think someone is in the sky watching events and selectively choosing to interact and interfere with the course of history.

Subliminally think what it does to the average persons mindset. The average black person, spiritual as they are, subliminally believes that other people are favoured, given that many people have gone through generations of domination by countries who have shown little or no moral compass (or even any adherance to the same faith they pretend to have) and yet who continue to prosper.

Its a logical process and akin to a little child who sees the man in their household who molests them, who could be popular in society, and indeed starts to hate themselves rather than recognise the real evil.

This collective low self esteem manifests itself at times like these when underneath all the debate about helping Haiti, there is a knawing thought process going on amongst Caribbean people. Dem people bligh.

I have a friend from latin America who claims that Caribbean people and Latin americans have the same mentality.

In the face of adversity they throw their hands up in the air and literally say the same thing "quitter yo pour bon dieu" - ie leave it to god.

Of course God does nothing (as neither does Zeus), and the verdict is as suspected. More suffering, more low self esteem, and ironically more fuggin praying.

Until a generation of skeptics start to get their chance to repel the God squad kumbaya thinking which has stunted the development of all African and Caribbean countries and indeed many people of African descent, they will continue to suffer and hope that the afterlife gives salvation and glory.

And then they mock the guy who kills himself for the anticipation of endless virgins in the sky.

Different degrees of the same psychosis.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Although growing up in a christian family, I was always taught that God don't help those who doesn't help themselves.

Some of us are just too damn lazy and would prefer to leave it to god than get off our ass and do something about the situation.