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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

one eyed men

I was asked today why Dominica didnt have an international airport and why there was such hostility amongst the so called business class to the idea of an international airport.

The reason is quite simple. A few people control the largesse of the Dominican economy.

The key word is control. Anything which threatens the control of a small cabal of people who put themselves, their friends and family, and generally anyone who kisses their ass, above anyone else, will be frowned upon.

But we cant afford an international airport ?

Can St Kitts ? Could Antigua ? St Lucia ? Even Barbados ?

It is tiring to see a country like Dominica have slaves on a plantation fighting to preserve the lifestyle of a few people who spend more time spending their money in Miami and New York than in the same country which facilitates their very economic position.

The principle behind access to Dominica is that it alows the world to discover Dominica, and allows Dominicans to discover the world.

However in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king, so it is natural.

But it is sickening to observe.

1 comment:

Editor B said...

I can tell you I've wanted to visit Dominica for some years, but the difficulty of getting there has always proved a stumbling block. Part of the allure as well perhaps.

Keep both eyes open, friend.