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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Thick and Fat

If anyone stood up on any street corner in Roseau during Carnival one thing would be very obvious. Besides the fact that we have a population of beautiful women, we also have one of the most obese populations on the rise.

Dominican man is the reason in the main. For the average woman visiting Dominica, weight conciousness is not one of our complexes. I would go further to say that a fat or overweight woman has a better chance of getting a man in Dominica than a slim woman. That in itself is refreshing in a world full of body image nutcases but...the flip side is real pragmatic.

How does a population where the main active base is increasingly female, deal with the fact that they are higher than avg vulnerable to diabetes, high blood pressure and every other ailment you get with obsesity ?

Dominican man continues to tell women...I like your thickness, love your curves, and Dominican woman keeps on eating and drinking away. And its young women in the main, folds of fat everywhere, stomach hanging, short pants showing all the flesh in the world.

Thats just cosmetic of course. I personally like all body shapes, thick and curvy especially...but the real issue is what health crisis will we be facing as Dominican men continue to fuel the myth that there is no difference between thick and fat.

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Desiree said...

I am someone who is so in love with a carribean man. Just reading your blog to see what a carribean man wants in a woman especially since I am american. Can you provide more insight.