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Monday, April 04, 2011

The energy to do better

As you get older and you introspect you understand that very little is coincidence.

Dominica is a small country dominated by a small cabal of families who have little or no interest in the development of the island. In fact, any development which is likely to widen the economic base of this island will be resisted. And any government which does the same will similarly be compromised.

We have one great opportunity to revolutionise Dominica. That is Geothermal energy. It is not beyond this Government to totally screw it up, but I will go on record to say that Geothermal in Dominica is the only chance for the next millenia of fundamentally changing everything about this country. There is no other chance for the country.

Why so ?

Dominica is practically sitting on a geothermal generator. What this means is that we have incalculable CLEAN energy, which does not have repercussions like radiation or leakage.

To understand what could and should happen lets understand what it will mean if we tap geothermal properly.

We will no longer have to buy LPG gas, or import fuel. We will become a net exporter of energy, with the primary buyers being the French and Greater Caribbean. With almost non existent electricity costs, the society will gravitate to a manufacturing base as companies will see the total benefit of relocating to Dominica, ala oil produ

We could become one of the first societies of electric cars and a technological leader. Sounds far fetched ? It isnt really.

The biggest issues are whether the government is going to look past their own personal agendas to benefit personally on every significant deal (ala say an oil producing country like Nigeria in which nothing has changed for the consumption of energy). A bit of skimming is expected, but a national agenda has to be core.

The other big issue is whether the cabal, and their foot soldiers, are going to fight to kill the widening of the base because it will change them from big cheeses in a medieval economy, to small fry in a modern one.

You go figure. The stakes are extremely high.


Anonymous said...

I find your blog refreshing and an honest take on life in and out of Dominica.

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