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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bear with me on this topic....

There is plenty debate in Dominica about the role of the Chinese in unfair business practices (I swear I laughed a little when I wrote there is some ethical business model as standard).

The Dominican merchant most affected by the Chinese, like every other merchant of their type in the Caribbean operates on the import and sell with margin model. It is the essential playbook of capitalism that we all practice if we sell commodities we do not produce or manufacture.

Many of us import goods from China, amongst other manufacturing countries where they produce cheap and in bulk.

At the same time there has been a constant ‘im cheap, im good’ message trumpeted in Dominica. Before the Chinese community came along with their import advantages, some of the existing top of the heap merchants operated on the same principles.

Dominicans became addicted to cheap. Quality and service are almost dirty words, and as such it was the perfect market for the Chinese merchant to sell into. As such I can understand the Chinese being puzzled about what is going on. They can see that this is a cheap price is king market. And they can see how the existing powerhouses in general (and there are notable exceptions), have treated the consumer base.

What is there to be loyal to and what is the business community complaining about ?

The average Dominican cant even return a defective purchase in a couple hours, much less days. Now, if the market was built on quality, then the Chinese would find a niche, but not dominate. But as people did before them, so now the Chinese are doing. They are putting serious pressure on any operation which depended solely on price.

As for the consumer, my personal policy is simple. If you treat me like you despise me, I wont buy your product. So if consumers in Dominica buy from people who don’t patronize any of their own services in turn, who don’t have any respect for them, and yet get fat on their patronage, then its unfortunately your problem, not the merchant, whoever they are. So stop harping on about the Chinese and start to understand that everything has its eventual price.

The consumer has had their hand in creating this.

Ironically, the people who got the consumer addicted to cheap imports, can now only turn to quality and service to differentiate. So maybe we might have a renaissance. You cant turn back the clock. The Chinese will always be the cheapest. Maybe tomorrow they might get into frozen goods or your business sector whoever they are. What I do know is that the people who have been doing this for years with the constant diet of make me rich and get out of my face, cant turn around now and pretend to be indignant, when the Chinese merchants are making ground . Its just a cycle of a type of capitalism in the region. Come purchase from me but don’t expect me to be nice to you.

What goes around, comes around.


Anonymous said...

just wow.

when i visit dominica nothing has changed. the same families rule the roost. they still dont have much respect for the people who made them rich, and they fear anyone who has half a brain.

you are welcome to dominica. it is doomed as long as the selfish and their sheep like followers are important.

another clue. you were right about how you said that you find out about people in moments when they dont seem to need you to get ahead. Im sorry to hear, but you saw it coming. Do you know who this is now ? :-)

stay safe and watch the ego maniac and its disciples.

KG said...


Thanks for the comments.

I havent figured out who you are but I dont see the country as doomed. As has been said, Dominica is not a country, its a situation.

Anonymous said...

KG my sweet

I like anonymous :-). You are better than this nonsense you must put up with. Lucky for you are not a person crazy over money.

I was in Dominica last year and I was shocked. The people are still as small minded as ever, they envy people for next to nothing, and I heard a few things that made me shake my head.

One thing,please dont change mister intense. Its best to have little or no friends rather than being close to the snakes that inhabit the high grass in your country.

US gals know, we hear EVERYTHING.

someone told me a story of how you helped them and expected me to be surprised. they dont know you help people everyday for no return and say nothing.

it must be your calling. and god has blessed you mister cynical. remember that and have some faith.

Tropical Ties said...

Glad to see the posts again :-)
But what about the comments that the Chinese are getting preferential incentives that local businesses do not get which is giving them an unfair advantage. Isn't that what the businesses are complaining about? If these allegations are true then is that right?...hmmm...mind you, does Invest Dominica offer the same incentives to a local business as an overseas investor?

KG said...

You know, its like walking into a local store selling pirated DVD's and hearing them complain about the roadside vendors selling pirated stuff even cheaper.

Are they breaking some rules ? I am sure they are basically doing what was done before by every player who got successful.

Are they getting incentives ? From who ?

As the old people say, when voler and voler fight, noone should bother call the police.

Tropical Ties said...

Was just reading this post from the IDA so maybe they are looking out for local investors in DA after all