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Sunday, June 05, 2011

A question of consistency

Small countries in the Caribbean inherited both their religion and their laws from the colonial powers.

The issue about homosexuality is that it appears at one level to threaten the fabric of the belief systems of Caribbean people. Many many people really do believe it is an abomination cursed by God.

With me its a bit more simple.

We have laws against buggery on our books. Either you enforce it or get rid of it. If you speak to any knowledgeable medical professional on this island you will find out that there is a fast growing incidence of anal sex amongst heterosexuals of all ages. There are other related complexities such as the amount of so called heterosexual males who are messing around with men, 'down low', which people dont like to talk about openly, but lets leave that.

Our laws do not discriminate and mention orientation. Sodomy / buggery is a crime on our books. For everyone.

Either accept it is part of the belief system the country wants to communicate to the world, or consider that controlling sexuality through a combination of religious thought systems and laws is dangerous and repeal the law.

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