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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Whether you are in grenada or antigua or in dominica it is pretty normal that the people who prosper are those who understand the principle of party in power.

The contraction of economies means that more and more companies are dependent on government, either directly or indirectly, to make their corn.

In economies when the largest companies invariably have close interests with the government, if you rub them the wrong way, well, crapaud smoke your pipe.

In these times being silent is the most important thing to do according to some people. You dont get brownie points for articulating a clear position on corruption, a loaded judiciary, toadyism, large companies flouting taxation rules, or just pure nepotism. In fact you could go under in a heartbeat.

When you combine that with a fickle audience who will goad you to take a stand and proceed to stone you when you are down, it doesnt inspire much heroism.

Everyones waiting for the next guy to do something. Needing to pay your bills does that.

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