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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Small Gestures

If you assess your own life, small gestures have huge significance.

Years ago, when I worked for a company called Breakaway Solutions, I lived in the Old Colonial Inn in Concord Massachusetts. I was there for a long time...over three months. I considered it long because living in a hotel stops being sexy when there is nothing new. But a great place it was and I am sure still is. Concord is the small town where the American Revolution began.

I worked nearby in Maynard and on weekends I would drive commute to New York. Once a month I would travel back to London where I lived in those days.

On the day my engagement ended in Boston, I decided to cut out early a Friday morning to go shop in NY before my flight, which was at 7pm in the evening.

Well, to cut a long story short, I was doing around 100 mph at around midday coming into Connecticut on my way to NY when a police car started flashing in the distance. My first reaction was to take the first exit I saw (I remember this so well), and I ducked into a gas station.A few minutes later, cop car pulled up behind me and I had to do the usual display license etc.

Speeding at that time was a jailable offence at the speed I was doing, but she let me off because I told her that I was overdoing it trying to get to NY quick before my flight. SHe marked me down as doing 85 in a 65 zone and I gladly paid the fine when I got back to London. I also sent her flowers.

Now in an alternate reality who knows how many things would have changed had I been arrested for speeding recklessly. But that small gesture helped me.

Thats why the small things you do for people can never hurt your chances of gathering good vibes. In a small country its even more so. In Caribbean countries people build legends and myths on things you do or say, both good or bad. So make the gesture and reap the good will.

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