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Monday, July 11, 2011

Junk everywhere

One of the biggest ironies of Dominica is that whilst the economy contracts, more and more people are importing food and inferior products and dumping it on our markets.

Many of the brands we are now getting to see are not brands you will see in first world markets. Not that brands are the be all and end all, but the standards of production and quality are often linked to the brand.

But again in Dominica , price is king, and by flooding the market with low cost product, the average local distributor is guaranteeing a market. The Dominican consumer is addicted to cheap, to the point where they will ignore waves of bad treatment to return to a retail outlet, on one promise only.

Its going to be cheap.


Marc Morgan said...

You are talking about Dominica but that story applies to so many other islands in the Caribbean. I suppose the less disposable income one has, the more likely one is to be price sensitive. That said, looking at the big picture its like a trap. An economy is suffering, everyone is looking to increase their bottom line or make ends meet, and the consequence if the cycle is not broken is race to a lower standard of living part of which includes the consumption inferior products.

KG said...

Very true Marc.

But still the situation worsens.