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Monday, May 25, 2015

Its been a while

Growing older, trying to fathom how to get wiser without getting cynical about it, or 'more cynical'. The thing about living in the Caribbean is that you see the maturation cycle of everyone around you. Recently, I had an experience of a would be activist at a school trying to get me to sign up for a petition campaign to save the employment of a part time teacher. I didnt sign of course, simply because I like to know what I am signing up for before I do, which is different from an objection to participate. Said lady...who is a foreigner, then proceeds to pass me day after day ignoring my greetings apparently as a backlash for her noble cause. A kind of virtual crossing of the protest picket line. Maybe the cause was her way of normalising herself and in not helping I have condemned her to remain what she is, just another well off foreigner in a Caribbean island trying to pretend to give a shit. Well I am going to greet her more and more, till it bludgeons her ignorance into her skull.